I’ve Got You Right Where I Want You

If there is one thing a giantess loves to do it is playing with a tiny man but her idea of playing isn’t what the tiny man has in mind. This tiny man had to learn the hard way as while he attempted to escape the giantess had seen him and was now on his trail. Unfortunately for him it didn’t take her long to catch him and when she did catch up to him she picked him up using her toes instead of her hands.The tiny man tried to struggle out from between the toes of the giantess but it was no good as she has gotten a tight hold of him. The giantess sudden lifted her foot to get a good look at the tiny man she had just caught. The tiny man couldn’t see her face but he knew that she was planning something fun for her but  her fun was not so fun for the tiny man.


154868 - between_toes blonde boomgts domination giantess looking_at_victim looking_down point_of_view poser queeny shrunken_man underfoot

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