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4046100220_2ed740494eHi Giantess Fans! My name is Akane – excuse me if my English is not perfect. I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan . I now live in San Diego, California. Tokyo is an eclectic mix of bizarre Japanese culture – my favorite is Giantess! Yes, I am sort of a geek – I attend and supervise a booth dedicated to Giantess at Comic Con.   I want to share with you all the great artwork and videos that were created for Giantess fans like you and me.

If you want to get in touch with me, leave me a comment on your favorite post. I read all my comments and I love to know what other Giantess fans think about the artwork.

Adios, Ciao, Bye!


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  1. Samuel says:

    Hey Akane, I love your site, really helps me to find giantess content. plus I think you would make a perfect giantess yourself 🙂


  2. Brodie says:

    hi Akane, i just want to let you know that i love your website! i usually spend most of my spare time on your site, and all i want you to do is keep up the good work!

  3. carlos says:

    swallow me alive whole please giantess akane!!!

  4. Akane says:

    Thank you all for your kind comments!

  5. Stupid says:

    I love your site. I hope you never stop!!!

  6. Uncrushed says:

    Hello Akane,

    i just found your site and i love how beautiful and tasteful it’s designed. The same goes for the content. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  7. Pete says:

    How can I send cash to buy the comic book with the giantess at the top of the page? I paid off all my credit cards and do not have one. I really am hoping to buy it soon! Thank you!

  8. Akane says:

    Hi Pete,

    I accept PayPal which lets you use eCheck straight from your bank account. I can’t accept actual cash though 🙁


  9. Akane says:

    Thank you Uncrushed!


  10. james says:

    i love this site the art the storeys i cant get more than this any where ps i would love u to eat me lol joke but that would be cool if possible think how full u would be ha ha ha …

  11. Herpaderp says:


    I’m really glad you’re hosting this website and spending so much effort in it! There are not many high quality GTS Artworks out here, as soon as my PayPal-Accounts gets validated I’ll buy WDCT! I hope the sequel won’t take so long time anymore!


  12. furroman says:

    Hi Akane!
    I would like send you some my gts-works, how i can do it?

    Best regards!

  13. gentleman.carp says:

    Hey akane i’m a little fan of your site (i like it a lot, but i’m not very big.) Today i thought i should leave you a message. I hope no one you love was hurt in the quake. For a giantess it’s no problem, but a good giantess cares about the little people too. 日本がんばれ!いつもの大美人のイメージと話を作ってくれてありがとう!

  14. Robert says:

    Dear Akane,

    I’m not a big “Giantess” fan, just like (empowered) women… so I’m pleasantly surprised to find that your site is quite good. I enjoyed the videos, and the Giantess Club.com had some good art. It really fit the genre, -fun. Keep up the good work.

    R. K. I.

  15. Thomas says:

    You have your own booth at Comic-Con? Sweet! I’m going to be at the 2011 con, so it would be awesome if we could meet there. Let me know!

  16. Andrew says:

    Akane i love your blog and i would love to be your friend on facebook and i also think that you would make a great giantess. Sadly i cannot buy your comic because i don’t have a credit card and i live in a country very far away but i want it so much that i can’t wait so can you please help me out somehow ?

  17. i wont write to much about what drive me but i will admit the giantess theme does have an appeal to me.i know it not very macho to seek a a pretty girl that might love me enough to keep me as her pet.but i am very against the grain when it comes to my likes and dislikes. by the way akane youre very pretty can i be your pet 🙂

  18. David Hutton says:

    Hey there,Akane
    You knwo i think it so awesome to find at least oen girl out their that like this i was kidn of losing hope i ever met one.I use to be really obsessed though i finally realised not many are into it as much as i am that to bad that means no one working on a shrink ray lol.cause honest if they were i be the first text subject udner one little promise of course.that you end up being my owner.Though one question>gentle giantess or evil sadistic giantess which are you lol.though hoenst i lovo to be in gum you were enjoyign lol.alright ill adit it it be a dream come true if it coudl happen lol.

  19. Akane says:

    Thanks David! I am a gentle giantess, but we need pleasure just like any other person!

  20. furroman says:

    Hi Akane! Why you not answer to me? I said something wrong?..

  21. thierry dubois says:

    i buy dream come true today i want to now when i receive it
    excuse my english

  22. Akane says:

    It should be sent to your e-mail automatically upon purchase. I see no purchase made from you today…did your card get declined?

  23. nicolas says:

    hi there akane!!!
    i wont to know how old are you.
    this website is te best!!
    you can post links for some pages related on the giantess

  24. LuisXL says:

    Aloha Akene.
    Nice site, just found you.
    I´ve picked one of your pics for a post at my weblog, obviously linking you.

    Keep the good “geek” work.

    Best XL wishes!!

  25. A says:

    Can you make yourself a GIANTESS?

  26. andy says:

    like your blog Akane , and love the picture of you as well !

  27. Nineinchtallman says:

    I like the pet series or slave type interaction…I have some WORD documents that have images of me that you can resize and cut out like a Flat Stanley to take with you and amuse yourself whereever you wish…let me know if you’d like me to email those to you…I’d be interested to see where you take me 🙂

  28. TJ says:

    Greeting Akane… Ohi-Yo Goh-Zimus , I am TJ-Sun I to am a big Giantess Fan, I am now writing a few stories and a script about Giantess. Giants or Dime-gods. mostly male get all the exposure in this world. I like the female Giantess more. I’m a comedian by trade but, my fetish or passion drive is; Giantess. Never let your passion stop, Keep moving forward. I hope your husband or love shares your passion too. There’s nothing better then having a love that loves what you do. send me your Picture I would love to make you into a Giantess, Fan and friend of your page TJ.
    PS: I always see allot of my vids on your page, I love the appreciation.

  29. サカイ says:


  30. I LOVE your blog! You have no idea how awesome it is for me to see other females who are into giantess, Vore and crushing etc. My sister and I have been huge fans of these fetishes for years, so much so that we started to make our own giantess, vore and crush videos. Some with special effects, some POV and lots of crushing.

    Here’s one of our videos that we posted on youtube. It’s one of our more tame ones due to youtube’s “rules” but still quite good I think. I’d love your opinion on it.


    Thans for the blog! Keep up the great work 😉

  31. UdIe says:

    i wish u become a giantess and swallow me alive 😀

  32. bernie says:

    Hi Akane,
    I´ve seen your picture in the net, beside i didn´t know, that you are in ,,giantess-vore-fetish”…
    …but i´d instantly the feeling, that you must be the one and only, of whom i want to be swallowed – ALIVE – although I know, this isn´t possible. But if it would be, i would shrink myself or transform myself into an animal that you could swallow easy, forinstance as a goldfish. I dream to wiggle down your sexy throat and rumor into your stomach, that you can feel it.
    Now… if it would be possible, would you swallow me?
    Thanks and sorry for my poor englisch (i´m from Austria – not Australia)
    Your Oyster Bernie

  33. Andy Gray says:

    Hey I was wondering if you could be able to like shrink me and then put me on a chair and then put on tight pants and then sit on me 😀

  34. Ramon Alvarado says:

    Thank you.
    But I was wonder if you can post
    some asian giantess vore videos & butt crush videos
    ^-^ I’ll take pictures to but I really want videos ^-^
    Thank you,

  35. hornm67 says:

    Akane you should check the video’s, some are rmoved, others have their account closed i only seen a few working ones now.

  36. Akane says:

    Thank you!

  37. Jason says:

    Hey, nice to see you’re still around. I was starting to wonder if you had lost interest in updating the site. It would have been a real shame since you do just great little paragraphs on the pictures!

  38. Akane says:

    Me, lose interest in giantess? Never :p Thanks for your support and i’m glad you like it 🙂

  39. Triple Factorial says:

    Someone shoehorned some malware onto your site! Each page on the site has a starting code of running a javascript from “http://cep40.ca/cb.php” that causes Firefox to constantly ask if I want to install an addon claiming to be a Java auto updater whose certificate says it’s from Adobe, and the site trying to run is known malware. Someone’s using your site as a malware carrier and it’s only been happening for a few days so I’m sure you didn’t mean it.

  40. Akane says:

    Thanks Triple. I think I got that fixed now!

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