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This Shoe Is So Big!

This girl feels so strange. She used to be really big. She was a giantess. But suddenly her whole life changed – she stopped being huge. The change was big – now she is smaller than her own shoes. It’s kind of humiliating to be in such a situation. I bet that a lot of […]

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You Can’t Beat Me!

Little people are sometimes so naive! How could they possibly think that they can beat a giantess?! They just don’t have such power. This guy tries really hard to save his life. But it is worthless. I mean, in the end the result won’t be different. The giantess will win and the little guy will […]

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What A Fun Game!

Giantesses have a much more different understanding about games than ordinary people. We usually play with some kind of balls, but they think of it as a rather boring. They have decided to substitute the ball for a car. It sounds strange, doesn’t it? How could anyone possibly throw a car in the air?! Well, […]

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Thursdays Video – It’s So Much Fun!

This giantess was dropped on the Earth and she immediately became their goddess. Everyone was scared of her because they saw what she was able to do. There was nothing that she couldn’t destroy. Every step she made meant a new victim. She could even shoot lasers from her breasts which made her even more […]

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Please, Crush Me!

This guy is probably obsessed with giantess’ buts. I just can’t understand how he doesn’t realize the danger which is coming. Just on the contrary, he looks as if he is praying to be crushed. There’s no sign of fear. He stands there waiting for it to happen. Maybe he doesn’t know that he won’t […]

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I’m Dead!

This little creature is already dead. There’s no escape from its destiny. It will be swallowed and this will be the end of it. A giantess never shows mercy when she is hungry. She thinks only for herself and never care how her food feels. I understand – little creatures like this one are soo […]

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Mondays Video – How Did I Go Here?

Sometimes it’s strange how people go to different places. They love to experiment and this usually leads them to finding new things. This guy suddenly go to a different land where everything was bigger, including the women. It was so fascinating. He had never seen such thing. But unfortunately no one noticed him. It didn’t […]

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Look At My Ass!

This giantess definitely knows how to keep fit. I’m sure it is hard to maintain the perfect figure. This means a lot of diets and a lot of sport. But I think it is worth. Now she can show off because she has the perfect body. A lot of women are jealous of her, maybe […]

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Don’t Scream!

Tiny people are so easy to be scared. As soon as a giantess comes closer they start running away in fear. This has always amazed giantesses all over the world. This reaction is a bit strange for them. They haven’t done anything bad to the little people (yet!)… But you have to imagine what it […]

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Oh, My Little Baby!

A giantess can be really caring. Once she finds the love of  her life, she cares about him as if she is his mother. She has never thought of hurting him. She realizes that she can’t live without him and if she hurts him, she’ll hurt herself too. Now it’s time to go to bed. […]

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