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These Things Are Amazing

As the giantess was making her way through the water she came across a bridge. The bridge alone didn’t amaze her but the small traffic that was traveling on the bridge did so she decided to investigate the tiny objects. When the giantess came to the bridge she found out that they where little cars […]

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I Don’t Care!

Brothers and sisters often fight with each other, but they rarely kill each other. However, this is not the case with these two. The sister is obviously soo much bigger than her brother. He annoyed her and now he is going to pay for that. She will eat him and this will be the end. […]

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Stuck Between My Toes!

I just love the perspective of this image. It’s amazing to see the awaiting of the crush. Usually we can see the moment after the crush, when there is nothing left from the guy. But now I can definitely feel the tension. This tiny man realizes his faith and knows that he can’t do anything […]

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I Love Sunbathing!

Now, when the weather is getting colder, I have already started dreaming about those sunny days in summer. And now, when I see that giantess sunbathing, I’m getting really jealous. Just think about it – don’t you miss the heat, the sun and the sand. And it’s even better if you have a little servant, […]

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Be My Slave!

Little people are so fond of giantesses. They treat her as if the giantesses are their goddesses. They are willing whatever a giantess wants. A foot massage or stage a play, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes giantesses take advantage of these little slaves. They can treat them awfully, even they may crush them or eat them. […]

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Thursdays Video – A Kiss Is Not Enough!

This guy just wanted a kiss, nothing more… But this was not enough for the giantess. She wanted something more, so she decided to swallow him alive. You can guess how this ended…

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Thursdays Video – We Are Powerful!

I really like this type of collections. They really succeed in pointing out the giantess’ strength. This video made me realize that giantesses are not always scary. They are just women with extraordinary power. This makes me really proud for being a woman!

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Mondays Video – The Destroyer of the World!

Now I’m fully convinced that giantesses possess huge power. With only one step they can crush your whole world. And this is when your life ends, without any time to fulfill what you’ve always wanted. This is the sad truth – giantesses rule our lives. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tscFvfeyMQ4

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I Think You Are Distracted…

Humans are easily distracted. One giantess is more than enough. And it is especially dangerous when you are flying with a plane. It’s good that this giantess isn’t so cruel. When she sees a plane falling, she catches it. Maybe she wants it to be her toy, but this doesn’t matter. The important thing is […]

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What Will You Do Now?

This is one delicate situation. Obviously the giantess has overexposed. I don’t know if it’s by accident or on purpose. However, the result is one and the same. We have one pleased little guy, wondering how to react. He can’t guess if it will be dangerous or the giantess will be happy if he goes […]

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