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Out For An Afternoon Stroll

What can be an innocent stroll through the city for a giantess can turn into destruction for the tiny people who live there and in the end a giantess will always take an interest in the city and the tiny people in it. When this giantess decided to go for a walk when al of […]

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Trapped In A Tight Space

Having a nice wash should be relaxing but when a growth spurt occurs half way through it can get a bit stressful and tiny bit  embarrassing especially if the giantess isn’t alone. A girl was in the middle of having a wash when all of a sudden she started to grow. Lucky for her there […]

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A Nice Suprise Inside

For a giantess trains are good as they contain alot of tiny people to eat or entertain them. The long the train the more interesting they are to a giantess as they have more tiny people in it. The problem is catching it as they can be really fast but catching them can be easy […]

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