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Video Monday – Giantess Amerzoness Play Time

This video on youtube shows a man waking up to find two amazon women standing next to him. One of the amazons pin him down under her foot. After a while she starts stamping on him while the other amazon pins his head down so he can’t get away. The two amazons continue to play […]

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Two Tiny Twins

Having a friend can be a good thing but when your friends are twins now that can be a bit of trouble. These twins aren’t like any other twins yes they look the same but they are smaller then the average girl and either twin has a different personality towards her giant friend. One twin […]

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Mondays Video – Sexy Amazon Losing Her Top

‘A humda, a humda, jungle jungle jungle!’ One of my favorite type of Giantess scenes is that of ‘Giantess God’ – when a bunch of little men are worshiping a huge giantess. This Giantess God happened to be very sexy, and oh boy are her boobs going to fall out of her shirt, you’ll have […]

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Land Of The Giantess

Tiny people have landed on Giantess Planet. Gosh, what were they thinking going on this planet. It is just too dangerous for them. Little people are titbits for giantess. So rare and so delicious… There’s no wonder what will happen to them. They all will be caught and maybe the giant people will have fun […]

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Take It Easy, Giantess

Wow, we have a really wild giantess. She has been out all night partying. The tiny people were so fascinated by her that they want her on the dancefloor a little more. Who wouldn’t want such a sexy giantess? But she is in a hurry to leave because her hubby is waiting for her. No […]

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