Wow There Are So Many Tiny People Here

When a giantess arrives in a city she is always amazed on how many people live there.Some giantesses however think there are too many tiny people living in the city and try to crush them under various parts of her body. Luckily for the tiny people of this city the giantess that had arrived had no intention of crushing anyone this mean’t the tiny people could live their lives around her. This got the giantess really interested as she thought it was odd that there were people living in a tiny city such as this one. Not wanting to destroy the city the giantess moved as carefully as she could to get to a safe place and as she moved through the city she noticed that some tiny people had stopped to look at her as she moved across the city being very careful not to step on anything.

162798 - bikinis cleavage color drawing giantess point_of_view sky skyscrapers upward_angle

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