What Else Can Go Wrong?

When working with chemicals a lab assistant needs to be extra careful as once single slip up can go horribly wrong. This young lab assistent was putting some vials away when she hadn’t noticed that she spilled a drop of strange formula on her. Nothing happened at first but soon she felt her clothes getting tighter and everything in the lab was getting smaller including the scientist she was helping. When she finally stopped growing she became stuck inside a building. The tiny people did their best to try and free her but it was all for nothing as she was stuck tight.



A woman is assisting a scientist inside a laboratory, inside a business building. While moving vials around, a strange formula spilled on her, and she accidentally consumed some of it. Not shortly after her body started growing and growing at a steady rate. After the building evacuated, she already been tall enough to plow through half of the floors of the building. After 60-90 minutes or so, her growth finally slowed down, but by this time her head had blown through the roof, and one foot has pierced through the side of the building. She was so terrified of the situation, she wedged herself on some part of the building, and became stuck in the building. After several hours, she finally calmed down and grasped the situation. Police, firefighters and the army were called in to assess the situation, but have no idea what she could be stuck on, or how to break her free from the building. Demolition is out of the question, because it could hurt her and the surrounding buildings or onlookers. And firefighters don’t think there’s such a thing as a Jaws of Life this big. Several more hours passed, and the media came in to report on the giant immobile women. She becomes more embarrassed and becomes uncomfortable. Now onlookers come in and cheer her on, and take some pictures. She tries to take it in stride, but the thought of her naked body broad casted all over the news and the Internet terrifies her. And yet several more hours pass. She’s no longer scared. She’s no longer embarrassed, she’s no longer terrified. Now she’s just bored and annoyed. She no longer has any clue how long she’s been stuck here, and it looks like no one is helping her. And she is in such a predicament that she can’t power her way out. She is in an uncomfortable situation, and an uncomfortable situation, and just wants this to end, and she doesn’t care how.

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