What Do You Think Little Man?

The growth of a giantess can vary in size. Some giantesses can be as big as buildings while others can only grow to the size of an amazon. When a giantess grows their clothes can also stretch to a certain extent but after a certain time they begin to rip off but that is most common in mega giantesses. This girl was out with her boyfriend when all of a sudden she started to grow. The growth spurt didn’t last long but it did leave her being taller then her boyfriend. What he saw was amazing as she was big but what was left of her clothes showed of her curves really well. The amazon then leaded down towards the little man and as she did he could see that she had given him a nice view of her cleavage as if to ask him what he thought of her new height.


155280 - cleavage color drawing giantess looking_down point_of_view small_man upward_angle

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