What Are You Looking At

Not all giantess like being stared at but when she’s as big as a building it is hard to get around without people staring at her. This can make her very and and a bit embarrassed and she will either run as far as she can and try to hide somewhere or resort to destroying the city and making sure that nobody can stare at her again. For this giantess going around town proved quite a challenge as she couldn’t go anywhere without people running away from her and those people who didn’t run for her just stared at her. The giantess didn’t feel comfortable with the tiny people staring up at her and everywhere she went the tiny people would follow her and some would even climb building she to get a closer look. The giantess didn’t want to destroy anything but if the tiny people didn’t stop soon she would have no choice.

162973 - giantess looking_into_distance mega_giantess nude outdoors poser red_hair walking_through_city

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