What Are You Doing In There?

When ever a giantess leaves a town or city there are a few things she needs to do before she moves on. One things she needs to do is to check herself for any unwanted little people that might be attached to her as they can sometimes get caught in between her breasts. When this giantess had left the last town she forgot to check for any little people. On her way to the next town she felt something moving in between her breasts. When she went to check what it was she noticed that a tiny person had somehow made her way into the giantess’s breasts. At first the giantess was angry that the tiny woman was in between her breasts. Her angry quickly subsided as she found out that she quite enjoyed having the tiny woman between her breasts so instead of making her way straight to the next town she decided she would have a rest stop and play with her new friend.


158309 - breastheld breasts drawing elf foreign_text giantess hands ochiko_terada shrunken_character sky upward_angle

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