Well, Well, Well What Do We Have Here?

On a hot day there is nothing a giantess likes better then to take a nice dip in the sea. Some giantesses will go into the sea just to relax and cool off but other giantesses will go into the sea expecting to come across a ship big enough to entertain her. This giantess wasn’t expecting to find anything when she went to cool off in the sea but just as she entered the sea something caught her eye. She wasn’t sure what is was so as it was so far away so she decided to wait until it got closer before she decided to take any interest in it. She didn’t have to wait long until the object came close to her and when it did she saw that is was a ship. The giantess was pleasantly surprised when she saw the size of she ship as she would need to use both her hands to lift it out of the water. After seeing the ship the giantess  began to think about all the exciting this she could do with it once she got it out of the water.


160766 - black_hair blue_eyes boat giantess giants_and_the_city looking_down ocean poser red_bikini smiling


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