Well This Is A Surprise

Nothing much out of the ordinary happens in this town but when it does the tiny people can’t help but go and see what it is. When this giantess visited the town she was pleasently surprised as she was expecting the tiny people to run and hide but instead they were all gathered in one place waiting to see her. The tiny people had never seen a giantess before and they were keen to see what she was like . In the past the tiny townspeople were told stories about giantesses and how evil and destrucive they where but this giantess didn’t look like how they imagined her to look like. As she gazed down at the crowd she noticed that some people where shaking n their boot as they were worried that she may crush them and destroy their town but the giantess wasn’t like that and she wanted to show them that she was gentle and kind. Getting the tiny townspeople to trust her wasn’t easy so she sat down to think about what how she could win the trust of the town.When the giantess came up with a plan she smiled at people infront of her but the tiny town didn’t like the way she was smiling at them.


157329 - building cleavage giantess poser sitting sky small_people upward_angle yukitan

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