Well Hello There

When interacting the a tiny person i giantess likes to be left alone and to do that a giantess will need to leave the city and take the tiny person with her to a more remote place where she can have that person all to herself whether they like it or not. After this giantess had caught a tiny man all she wanted to do is to have him all to herself but to do that the giantess had to leave the city. The tiny man she had captured had other ideas but never had a say as he knew the giantess wouldn’t listen to him. Once the giantess was sure she was alone she put the tiny man on a ledge and to ensure  he wouldn’t try to run away she put him somewhere where she knew he wouldn’t be able to get away. Once she was happy that the tiny man couldn’t get away she could finally interact with her tiny man in peace.

163875 - blonde collage giantess looking_into_distance outdoors swimsuit

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