Wait Don’t Go

Being a giantess is great but the main problem in being a giantess  is that tiny men will most likely run away from her. This giantess only wanted to say hello but the tiny men she met started to run away from her. The giantess tried to grab the tiny men but she missed and they ran through a tunnel. The giantess wasn’t about to give up so easily so she climbed down from the building she was sitting on and reached into the tunnel the two tiny men were in but the two tiny men were too far in and she couldn’t reach them. As the giantess tried to grab the two tiny men she didn’t realise that the tiny man she had already befriended had slipped out of her cleavage but fortunately he didn’t even try to run away as he knew that the giantess wouldn’t hurt him. Determined to catch the two tiny men the giantess extended her arm to have a good chance of grabbing the two tiny men.

29912 - city giantess handheld poser

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