Video Thursday – Super Colossal Latinas

This video on youtube shows two girls starting to grow. Unfortunately their clothes don’t grow with them so they have to find clothes that will  fit them before they do anything else. Once they find some clothes to wear the two giantesses begin to rampage throughout the city. They start by stepping on a group of tiny people using their toes before looking for more tiny people to torment. Once they find what they were looking for one of the giantesses picks up a tiny man and puts him onto her tongue. The other giantess begins to laugh at the tiny man on her friend’s tongue just before he gets eaten. As their rampage continues they start looking inside windows and picking out tiny people from their homes and eating them The army is then on the scene ready to take on the two giantesses. The giantesses starts to take on the army by blowing some of them away and crushing the one that are left with their feet. Once the army is taken care of the two giantesses carry on their rampage but this time they use different parts of their body such as their hands, their butt and their breasts and once they feel like they’ve had enough they move on to another city leaving only 3 building left standing.

You can watch this video here Super Colossal Latinas

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