Video Thursday – Mouse Giantess

This video on youtube shows a man waking up only to be greeted by the staff who work for him. Just then they feel a small earthquake as what looks like a giant monster walks past their window. The monster then opens it’s mouth only for the face of a giantess to appears in it’s mouth. The military get involved and try to attack her with missiles but they seem to have no effect as she just laugh. A few police are trying to evacuate the city as the man and 2 of the maids that work for him try to find the giantess. After an air strike the giantess becomes too hot as takes off her monster costume. She then sees the man and picks him up as she is happy to see him. She then puts the man in the top half of her bikini but because of the sweat the man slips into the bottom half of her bikini. His desperate attempt to get out only tickle the giantess.

You can watch this video here  Mouse Giantess (English)


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