Video Thursday – Giantess The Lab

This video on youtube shows a scientist working on a ray that shrinks people. When she is done she gets the volunteer she hired to step on the platform ready to be shrunk. When he is on the platform she turns on the ray a beam of light shrinks him and when he has been shrunk she goes up to him and carries him to her desk to ready to be examined. She places him onto her desk and begins the examination but in the middle of the examination she drops him on the floor by mistake. While she is busy looking for him the scientist begins to grow. The tiny man, thinking the giantess isn’t watching him sudden makes a run for it but the giantess spots him and pins him down with her foot and starts to play with him using just her big toe. While she is moving her big toe and the tiny man a girl comes in to see what is going on. The giantess lifts up her foot so the tiny man is in front of her  and the girl suddenly licks and eats the tiny man from the toe of the giantess.

You can watch this video here giantess the lab

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