Video Thursday – Giantess Shrunken Women

This video on youtube shows a tiny woman who has just found herself in the presence of a giantess. While the tiny woman looks up in disbelief at the giantess she begins to grow. While the giantess is growing the tiny woman takes her chance and makes a break for it and runs away from the giantess but the giantess quickly sees the tiny woman running from her and quickly pins her to the floor using her foot being very careful not to crush her. At first the giantess moves the tiny woman around using her foot occasionally lifting her foot and the tiny woman with it. After a while the giantess becomes board and peels the tiny woman off her foot. After deciding what to do with her the giantess decides to eat the tiny woman so to make things fun for her the giantess decides to slowly put the tiny woman in her mouth and then swallow her whole.

You can watch this video here GIANTESS Shrunken Women

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