Video Thursday – Giantess Ever Growing Girl

This video on youtube shows A girl relaxing home when all of a sudden a orange ball of light covers the entire house. The orange light causes the girl to grow. When she stops growing is unable to stand up straight in her own house. This doesn’t last long as the giantess continues growing. When the orange light finally disappears the giantess is able to push the roof off the house sending furniture flying everywhere. When her boyfriend comes home he spots the giantess and makes a run for it but the giantess soon catches up with him despite his best efforts to run and when she does catch up to him she sucks him up into her mouth and eats him making her grow again. This time when she stops growing she is now bigger then an entire city. The giantess then stomps on the city causing her to grow even bigger. When she stops growing she is bigger then the planet and to finish it quickly she crushes it between her feet.

You can watch this video here  Giantess Ever growing girl.

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