Video Thursday – Giantess Crush And Vore POV

This video on youtube shows you as a tiny man who had just broken into a house. When you explore the giant house you come across a giantess. At first you are unsure if you should go near her just in case she sees you. Eventually you pluck up the courage to go near her hoping she doesn’t see you. As you get closer to her you are fortunate that she doesn’t see you and having that confidence you start to follow her around being very careful not to let her see you. After a while of following her you are so busy making sure she doesn’t see you that you don’t see her foot come towards you. Having just about dodged her foot you run to a chair hoping that she doesn’t see you making your way to the chair. When the giantess comes to sit down she some how spots you. The giantess gets really angry that you broken into her house and to make sure you don’t  do it again she eats you

You can watch this video here Giantess Crush And Vore POV

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