Video Thursday – Giantess Construction Destruction

This video on youtube shows a giantess chasing a tiny man. The tiny man is in a bulldozer but that is still not enough as the giantess only needs to walk to catch up with him. When she does finally catch up with the tiny bulldozer she hovers her foot above it and then she crushes the bulldozer under her foot. The tiny man only jst manages to get out of the way in time but his victory is short lived as the giantess has her foot hovered above him. This time the giantess manages crushes the tiny man and grinds him into the sand. On her travels the giantess comes the source of the tiny bulldozer and to made sure no other tiny men follow her she crushed the tiny men using her foot. When she had crushed all the tiny men she  noticed that one tiny man had made his way on the roof. This was perfect is she had been walking for miles and she needed to sit down so she sat down on the tiny man crushing him under her butt and once she was well rested she goes off to find another city to destroy.

You can watch this video here Giantess Construction Destruction

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