Video Thursday – Giantess 12

This video on youtube shows a giantess coming home after she shrunk someone.  The man didn’t make it easy for her as he refused to leave his car so she had no choice but to shrink him and his car. When the giantess got home she explained to the man why she shrunk him and what she had planned for him. When she was finished talking to him she decided to go in for a closer look to make sure he was there and to reassure him the tiny man started to beg for his life but she didn’t listen to him. The giantess started by walking around the car making sure she got as close as possible without crushing the car. After she went around the car a few times she decided to take her shoes off and taunt him by waving her foot over his car. Just then she decided to crush him but somehow he survived as he managed to jump out in time and was now between her toes. Intending not to miss the giantess shrunk the tiny man even smaller as she knew he wouldn’t get very far and even with a head start the giantess managed to crush the tiny man under her big toe.

You can watch this video here giantess 12

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