Video Thursday – Don’t Leave Me Alone Daisy

This video on youtube shows a group of people having a pool party when all of a sudden a giant monster rampages through the city. One of the people at the party have the idea of making one of the girls grow s sh can take on the monster. His plan is ruined when another girl comes up to try and stop him. When the gun fires the beam hits one of the girls he didn’t want to grow. When she stops growing the monster comes up to the giantess but the giantess backs away in fear crushing a house as she backs away but the monster still makes it’s way to her. When the giantess touches it to try and stop it she is shocked to find that the monster had broken up in to pieces causing the tiny people bellow to be covered in the remains of the monster. Soon after the giantess thinks she wouldn’t get beck to normal again but soon she finds herself shrinking back to her normal height.

You can watch this video here Don’t Leave Me Alone Daisy.

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