Video Monday – The Moral Majority

This video on youtube shows two women arguing in a night club when all of a sudden one of the women begins to grow. The first thing the giantess does once she stops growing is looking around the city and thinks of all the things she could do with it. Once the giantess had gotten a clear idea on what she wants to do with the city she begins her rampage. She start walking around the city looking through the windows of the buildings to see if she can see any tiny people inside. If she found a tiny person she liked she would take him out and play with them but if she found one se didn’t like she would crush them or eat them. Not wanting to miss out on the action the other girl start to grow and rampage through the city but unlike the first giantess who focused mainly on the tiny people this giantess focused on destroying the buildings. Once she was done destroying the building she got the survivors to clean and worship her feet.

You can watch this video here The Moral Majority

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