Video Monday – She’s Got A Crush On You

This video on youtube shows a girl shrinking a man. When the man wakes up he finds himself on top of a kitchen counter. The tiny man looked round the kitchen to see where he was. Just them he felt the movement of the giantess as she walked past him. The tiny man then sees another tiny man not to far from him but it doesn’t take long for the giantess to eat him. When she looks around she is shocked to find the tiny man missing. The giantess looks around to find him. She eventually finds him running across the kitchen floor. The tiny man tries to run away but the giantess sees him and it doesn’t take her long to catch him. For running away from her the giantess slowly crushes the tiny man under her foot until he gets crushed.

You can watch this video here She’s got a crush on you (Giant woman).

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