Video Monday – Princess Daisy The Giantess

this video on youtube shows Princess Daisy growing to gigantic proportions and for reasons unknown she wanted revenge on princesses Peach and Roselina.  When she found them she stepped on Peach but didn’t kill her and she turned her attention on Rosalina first after Daisy ate Rosalina she decided to eat Peach but before she did she decided to show Peach what she was doing to her kingdom. When Daisy had eaten them both she fell asleep. When she woke up she found Rosalina and Peach looking at them but they where bigger then she was. Rosalina picked up princess Daisy in her mouth and   played with her. Not wanted to fell left out peach had her turn with Daisy before Rosalina ate her. When Daisy woke up she was back in the hill she slept on as Rosalina and Peach where still in her stomach so she decided to go back to her kingdom.

You can watch this video here Daisy The Giantess (VORE)

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