Video Monday – Outmatched

This video on youtube shows a man and a woman arguing. In the middle of the argument the woman begins to grow much to the man’s dismay. When the woman stops growing she start to push the man around however the man doesn’t take it lying down as he begins to kick her but before he gets a chance to kick her again she shrinks him to about half his original height. Once he stops shrinking she kicks him sending the tiny man flying across the room. The giantess comes to help him up but the tiny man manages to knock down the giantess. Once the giantess is down the tiny man begins to fight her but she just manages to push him off of her. When the giantess gets back up she picks up the tiny man and throws him across the room. by this time the giantess a significantly bigger then the man as she towers above him. The tiny man tries to fight back but the giantess just stops her and just as she was about to finish him off a bigger giantess comes alone. The bigger giantess picks up the much smaller giantess and the tiny man.. When she drops then the bigger giantess just steps on them crushing them.

You can watch this video here Outmatched

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