Video Monday – Growth Ray

This video on youtube shows a group of girls having  beauty contest when all of  sudden a ray of light hits one of the girls. The ray of light came from some sort of ray gun which made the girl grow. Luckily the girl didn’t become too big but when she grew he clothes ripped off and she had to find something to cover herself . The growth ray fired again this time hitting a second girl. The growth of the second girl really got the crowd and judged all fired up and wanting more. The person who fired the growth ray was preparing to fire again. The girl he was aiming at begged him not to shoot her but he wouldn’t listen and shot her anyway. When she stopped growing she started to cry because she didn’t want to be big in the first place. When one of the girl found out why the beauty contest happened she was so angry she started firing in random directions making anything that it hit grow bigger.

You can watch this video here Growth Ray

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