Video Monday – Giantess The Researcher

This video on youtube shows a man doing some research on the land around him. Just then he hears some rumbling through the ground. He then turned his head and saw a giantess heading his way. The tiny man was so sure she was going to step on him but she stopped and as she looked down she spotted the tiny man at her foot. She then moved her shoe closer to him and the next thing he knew she had lifted him onto her shoe and was playing with him using her foot. The tiny man was holding on for his life but as the giantess carried on playing with him he started sliding down her sandal until he was under her big  toe. The giantess had some how put the tiny man between her toes making sure she didn’t crush him. The giantess then noticed the tiny man was trying to escape but the giantess pushed him back between her toes making sure he was wedged tight. Once the giantess was happy that he couldn’t escape she went on her way. The giantess then suddenly met a much smaller giantess and decided to stop and take a break. The smaller giantess had noticed the tiny man between her toes and decided to eat him.

You can Watch this video here Giantess the resecercher

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