Video Monday – Giantess Sisters Destroy Town

This video on youtube shows two sisters working on a growth formula. When it was done the sisters decided to try it on themselves. When they drink the formula the sisters find out that their potion work really well and they rind themselves in a city too small for them. One of the giantesses decide to  give the tiny people in a nearby building as she bends over to see if anyone in inside the building giving the tiny people a nice view of her breasts. While she is busy with the building her sister is busy crushing people and cars as she makes her way through the city. When she is finished playing with the little people in the building she joins her sister the street and begins to look for people to play with them. After a while one of the giantesses sits down and starts ordering one tiny man to massage her feet while she rests making sure he gets in between her toes. When he is done she  starts to destroy the city along with her sister. With all the tiny people crushed the giant sisters start to destroy the buildings using different parts of their body.

You can watch this video here Giantess Sisters Destroy Town

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