Video Monday – Giantess Queen Konga

This video on youtube shows a man flying to an island on a small aircraft. When he arrives he finds a skeleton of a dinosaur that is when he looks down and sees he is standing in a giant footprint. A second dinosaur sneaks up on him  and takes him by surprise but a giantess comes up behind the dinosaur and takes it on  before stomping on it. Once the giantess kills the dinosaur she spots the tiny man and grabs him before he has a chance to run. The tiny man is scared but the giantess only wants to make sure he is alright before she takes him back to her home. When he wakes up  the giantess is fast asleep so he takes his chance to escape but encounters another dinosaur. The giantess wakes up to find her tiny man being attack by the dinosaur so she stomps in it. The giantess then takes the tiny man to bed with her so she knows he is safe.

You can watch this video here Giantess Queen Konga

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