Video Monday – Giantess Journie’s Office Crush

This video on youtube shows a woman in an interview with two clients when all of a sudden she announces that she will shrink them and use them as foot slaves. When the two clients have shrunk she makes one of the tiny men worship her foot while the other one worship the inside of her shoe. Feeling that they aren’t doing a good job she sets an example by crushing one of the tiny men under her foot before lifting the other tiny man onto her desk.While she looks through her files the tiny man gets to work worshiping her foot a second time. When the giantess is done with her paperwork she examines the job the tiny man did on her feet but she isn’t happy with the result and she picks him up and carries him somewhere else. Once she finds a good enough place she puts him down on the floor and waits for him to recover. Once he is recovered she comes up to him and crushes him under her foot before going off to find a new foot slave.

You can watch this video here Giantess Journie’s Office Crush

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