Video Monday – Giantess Interview

This video on youtube shows A man goes for a job interview when all of a sudden he finds himself shrinking. The tiny man thinks that his interviewer is some how behind it. When the man finally stops shrinking the giantess can’t help but pick him up and take a good long look at him. When she has looked at him she puts him down and make him worship her feet but the tiny man takes his can and runs away. The giantess tries to find him. When she does find him she takes him home and then puts him in a cage and falls asleep. While the giantess is sleeping the tiny man escape from his cage and makes his way to the giantess. The tiny man explored the body of the giantess hoping that she wouldn’t notice but unfortunately she wakes up and notices him. As a punishment the giantess shrinks the tiny man even smaller.

You can watch this video here Giantess Interview

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