Video Monday – Giantess Ika Musume

This video on youtube shows a girl walking through a desert when all of a sudden she becomes really hungry. Just as she is about to faint from hunger the girl catches the aroma of something nice cooking curious, the woman makes her way to where the smell is coming from. After what seemed like forever the girl comes across a giant building. The girl begins to climb it but no sooner as she gets to the top  a giantess walks right behind her causing the tiny woman to dive out of the way. The tiny woman manages to avoid the feet of the giantess and once she is certain the the giantess is gone the tiny woman starts looking for food. It doesn’t take her long to find food but she doesn’t get a chance to eat before the giantess spots the tiny woman and starts to chase her. The giantess manages to corner the tiny woman and seeing that there is no way out the tiny woman eats the piece of food she has. When the tiny woman had eaten it she begins to grow Until she is crashes through the building. Once she stops growing the now tiny woman start to run but the giantess soon catches up with her and crushes the tiny woman under her foot.

You can watch this video here Giantess Ika Musume.

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