Video Monday – Giantess Emily Finds A Tiny

This video on youtube shows you as a tiny person who had just wound up inside what looked like a giant house. You didn’t have to wait long as a giantess had just found you. At first the giantess thought you were a bug and just as she was about to squash you with her shoe she looks a little closer and as she does she can see that you are in fact a tiny person. The giantess is amazed as she had never seen a tiny person before and before long she picks you up and thinks about what to do with you since you are so small. At first she thinks about eating you as she lowers you down to her stomach so you can see where you will end up but to your surprise she decides not to eat you just yet. The giantess lowers you to the floor and plays with you with her foot until she gets board and finally eats you.

You can watch this video here Giantess Emily Finds A Tiny

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