Video Monday – Giantess: A Fairy Story

This video on youtube shows a giantess walking along the clouds when all of a sudden she sees a tall pole in the distance. The giantess makes her way towards the pole. When she gets there she slides down to the bottom. On her way down she sees a small village with lots of tiny people living in it and when she gets down she goes in for a closer look as she had never seen a village that small before. The giantess then notices a tiny man run into one of the buildings. She then knocks the roof off with her foot and sees the tiny man that ran inside. She then picks him up and then eats him. Once she is done she jumps onto the tiny building and then she jumps from the house to the village square sending the tiny people up into the air as she landed. The giantess then spots the castle and goes in for a closer look and spots two tiny men on the castle wall. The giantess gives them something to see as she start growing before their eyes. Once she stops she then stomps on the tiny men, and part of the castle wall.

You can watch this video here Giantess a fairy story

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