Video Monday – Bugmen In A Box

This video on youtube shows a woman coming home  and going to find her box of shrunken men. The tiny men all look up at the giantess as she opens the box and figures out what to do with them. When the giantess figures out what to do she takes out a handful of tiny men and places one on the floor and crushes him under her foot. The second tiny man the giantess picks is put on her seat and before he knows it he she sits on him and crushes him under her butt. With one tiny man left on her hand she just simply flicks him off because she . The giantess then becomes hungry and picks out a tiny man and playing with him using her mouth before eating him. The rest of the tiny men are put to work worshiping her feet until she is happy once she is relaxed she puts the tiny men back and goes on her way crushing a tiny man under her shoe as she goes.

You can watch this video here Bugmen in a Box

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