Video Monday – Akane GTS

This video on youtube shows  A giantess is wondering through a city and the sound of the giantess walking causes the city to stop and soon their attention is turned to the giantess as she is the source of the tremors. The giantess was thinking as it was hard to do anything at her size without destroying things. One brave tiny tried to talk to her but as she was moving the tiny woman couldn’t keep up with her so she waited until the giantess stopped. After walking a few blocked the giantess decides to rest on top of a building which gives the tiny woman the perfect chance to talk to her. The giantess fails to notice the tiny woman but the tiny woman decides to fly up to get closer to her ear. When the tiny woman fly next to her ear the giantess thinks she is a bug and tries to swat her away. Little does the giantess know is that she is blocking the path of an oncoming train. The giantess then sees the the tiny as a doll and tries catch her when she does catch her she decides to play with her by twirling around. After a while the giantess gets tired of playing with the tiny and tosses her into a nearby tree.

You can watch this video here Akane GTS

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