Using Tiny Men As Bait

One of the best ways of enjoying a tiny man is using him as bait. Not for fishing but for spreading fear in the tiny man as a giantess lowers him slowly towards the mouth of another giantess. The tiny man would start to panic as he  is slowly lowered to the mouth of the giantess and his final resting place. These friends had decided to try that with one of the tiny men they were playing with but before they did the tiny man bait game two of the giantesses were busy crushing tiny men between their breasts that is until that one giantess thought it would be funny to lower one tiny man in front of the other two as she had a great time fighting it out to see who would get to eat the first little man.

155444 - anime blood blushing clips clothed crush dangle giantesses gym_uniform helpless manzi open_mouth shrunken_men sweat vore

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