To Love A Giantess

Not all giantesses are evil some giantesses are sweet and kind especially to tiny people. This giantess, however is very affectionate and sometimes  that can be a bit of a problem especially since she is looking for that special someone. Finding a boyfriend can be a nightmare since any tiny people she meets will just run away from her. One tiny man however, decided stayed behind and see why the giantess is here. After a good talk they found out they had alot in common then they thought they had. The giantess knew she had found her sole mate even though he is smaller then her but they could get past the physical differences and make it work.


154390 - belly bikinis boy_friend breasts gentle giantess held hug love red_hair shrunken_man size_difference teen

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  1. Pet Rocker says:

    Sole mate. That’s punny!

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