Through The Roof And The Whole House

When growing a giantess needs to be outside as if she grows to big inside a building she may end up smashing the building to pieces or wearing the building as an item of clothing depending on how big she gets. When this giantess began to grow she had no idea when or where it would happen. Unfortunately she was in her house when she started to grow. The growing giantess hoped  that she wouldn’t grow too big as she didn’t want to ruin her home/ When she finally stopped growing she  found that she was wearing her house as a pair of panties. The giantess tried ever so hard to free herself from the house but it was stuck on tight and she was crushing her husband between her body and one of the windows of her makeshift panties which she had no choice but to wear.

165235 - breasts color destruction drawing giantess growth houses low_angle point_of_view sky



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