This Is The End For You Little Man

Once a giantess sets her sight on her next victim she likes to take things slow just so she could see the look of terror in the tiny man’s eyes before she does eventually crush him. This giantess has found her next target, a little man who she had managed to trap using her foot. It didn’t take her long to decide what to do with the little man as she hovered her foot above the little man. The tiny was expecting her to end it all quick but instead she took it slow as she didn’t like to rush these things. The tiny man thought above moving but he was to afraid to move as the foot of the giantess slowly made it’s way towards him. All the man could do was shield himself from the giantess but it was no use and eventually got crushed under her.

155522 - clouds giantess imminent_crush looking_at_victim looking_down point_of_view sky skyscrapers small_man underfoot upward_angle


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