This Is No Ordanary School Day

School can be stressful at the best of times but when a school girl suffers a growth spurt school could turn into a dangerous place to be. The school day started off as a normal day lessons went on as  normal but no sooner as home time came and everyone was going home one of the girl began to grow. The now growing girl had to get out of the building because she knew that if she didn’t she’d be endangering the lives of all her classmates and teachers and also she would be stuck and would have to destroy the building to get out. Fortunately for she she had managed to get out of the school before she stopped growing. When she finally stopped growing she was huge but luckily her clothes grew with her. When she saw the tiny people run away from her she could help but lean in for a closer look but as the giantess got down she noticed that all the tiny people had stopped running and were now staring at her. What the giantess didn’t know is that she was giving them a nice view of her panties.


158116 - anime city clothed destruction drawing giantess school_girl upskirt

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