This is Hardcore – GiantessFan Comic

My friend J Yubari just came out with some HARDCORE comic book issues on his site – check them out!

This Is Hardcore 2
Lead singer Petunia goes all out on stage and wreaks havoc at the ‘Attack of the 50ft Bitch’ concert. The fans love it but is it too much power for Petunia to handle?

Artist: Jack Forbes
Writer: J. Yubari
Pages: 15
Tags: giantess, masturbation, growth

This Is Hardcore 3
After growing and destroying the stage at their last concert, thus forfeiting their compensation, Petunia decides to take on a concert in Saigon, Vietnam to pay the band’s ever-growing bills. This decision is, of course, made with ulterior motives in mind.

Artist: Jack Forbes
Writer: J. Yubari & Jack Forbes
Pages: 22
Tags: growth, giantess, crush, destruction, multiple giantesses

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