This City Is A Tripping Hazard

It sometimes can be hard being a giantess as they are generally big and can’t go where everyone else can. Another hazard for them are cities although some giantesses will destroy them others will trip over a building or two and accidentally destroy part of a city  they don’t mean to however they just don’t look where they are going sometimes . This giantess has done just that she was enjoying a walk minding her own business when all of a sudden she tripped on a skyscraper and fell she wasn’t hurt however but thousands of tiny people were crushed under her body and some building were reduced to rubble as she fell. The giantess decided not to get up just yet as she needed to recover from her fall and think about what do do with the city once she did get up.

154431 - city cure_march giantess green_eyes green_hair hakuto high_heels long_hair precure rampage


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