The World In The Palm Of Her Hands

Every giantess secretly dreams of one day holding the world in the palm of their hands but only a very few actually go through with it as they are either gentle  and only want to help the tiny people or they just love to see the looks on their victim’s faces as they watch her destroy their tiny city. This giantess wasn’t satisfied with the height she was and wanted to be bigger then everything in the world. The problem was that she was already was the biggest thing in the world so there wasn’t really anything to compare her size too. Then she remembered the biggest thing in the world was the world itself  and if she could grow to be bigger ten the world she would have ultimate power but since she didn’t know how she grew in the first place she didn’t know how to grow again. The next thing she saw was a round object that looked like the earth in her hands she didn’t know how she did it nor did she care as she was too busy enjoying the new power she had  and now all she needed to do is to think about what to do with all this power.



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