The Perfect Place For A Tiny Man

As the giantess made her way through town she decided to pick up a tiny man. Once the giantess had captured her tiny victim she struggled to find a place to put him as she hadn’t brought her purse with her and she could put him in her pocket because she wasn’t wearing anything that had pockets. The giantess had no choice but to hold on to the tiny man until she had thought of the perfect place for him. As she made her way though town she noticed that almost all the tiny people had tried to stare at her butt and then she had a great idea. Since the little men liked to stare at her butt she decided she would put her tiny captive near her butt s everyone on the ground had a nice view of him. The giantess pulled back the elastic on her underwear and placed the man near her butt. As she pulled the elastic back she noticed a few tiny men watching her from the rooftops of nearby buildings.


156766 - behind_view beregous blonde buildings butt city collage earring giantess looking_down rooftop shrunken_people sunset trapped

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