The Heavyweight

Normally a fight it is between two people of the same gender but now  the have decided to try mix gender fighting. The first fighter to try it thought he would win hands down because he was fighting a woman but then he saw  the woman he was about to fight. His opponent was a muscle bound amazon who was much taller then he was and she was ready to fight. The little fighter suddenly decided he didn’t want fight her and tried to get out of the ring but the referee stopped him and brought him back to the ring. The fight hadn’t even started and the little fighter was already begging for mercy but this was a fight after all and deep down he knew he had to fight her even if he knew he wasn’t going to win.


156695 - abs amazon breasts comic feet giantess_fan muscles muscular size_difference small_man wrestling_ring

This is the match of the 23rd Century! One of the first of the new inter-gender matches, and the first heavyweight match between the genders, there’s been a lot of interest in these types of events now that women have been growing at an exponential rate since 2174. Most of the male dominated sports have tried to deny the new way of things, but time has marched on. Instead of turning these sporting events over to the obviously superior women, they have decided to try and compete with them, which as Chris has realized, as he is standing front of Megan, this may have been the worst idea he has had in his life.

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