The Green Goddess Inn 2 Comic Release

J Yubari and the team at giantess fan present The Green Goddess Inn 2. This issue focuses main on one tiny brownie and his story on how he and his gang became captured by the giantess. This comic as  main types of crush breast crush to butt crush but it does have some gentle giantesses for those people who prefer gentle giantess over the no so gentle giantess. I like this issue has the giantess has plenty of ways to punish the thieves as she tries to capture and deal with them just  because they were trying to steal from her.



At Cully Greythorn’s request, the patrons of the Green Goddess begin sharing stories of their adventures. First up is Eamon, a tiny brownie imprisoned in a cage dangling from a waitress’s necklace. He explains how he came to be a prisoner after his gang of thieves tried to rob the Goddess and had a run-in with its owner, Mistress Valentina.

Tags: gentle, shrunken man, butt crush, bbw, boob crush

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